Dragon Coloring Pic 11-26-2009

Finally got a little drawing done after Thanksgiving dinner today. Enjoy!

Cool, huh? You can find more dragon pictures here.


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Tiny Jousting In Second Life

Look what we found. Makes me wanna try my hand at Second Life….

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Super Duper List of Free Dragon Coloring Pages

Sir Ian and I have looked far and wide for dragon coloring pics. Here are our current top ten:

1. Elfwood

Lot’s of decent amateur pics for coloring.

2. Coloring.ws

One of the first dragon pics pages Ian and I discovered.  The pics aren’t too ornate. Perfect for kids.

3. CDK Kids

OK site with 12 or so pictures.

4. EduPics

Great dragon pic site! While you’re there check out the fairy tale section as well. Bookmark this one, kiddies!

5. Free Printable Coloring Pages

Great collection of simple dragon pics. Perfect for smaller kids / toddlers.

6. Phee McFaddell
Scroll through the list of of fantasy characters and crafts for dragon pics. They’re quite good.

7. Moms Who Think

Nice selection of friendly, funny, cartoonish dragons.

8. Coloring Book Fun
Mostly pictures from the show Dragon Tales

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Mommy, where are the boy pixies?

Last week Sir Ian and I stumbled upon Disney’s Pixie Hollow website. It’s a really neat interactive website for kids. The only problem is: there aren’t very many boy characters. In fact, we haven’t found any at all!

So today we’re posting our first attempt at creating a Pixie Boy. Enjoy:


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We’re back!

I guess Sir Ian and I had better give this blog some love in 2009.

This week I promise to update a few times. Surprisingly a number of you really like the coloring pages. So I’ll do more in the future.

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Introducing The Brave Companions

Finally found a way to create cartoons for you! I have a great story about three young knights: Sir Donald, Sir Ian and Sir Stanley. Wait until you see the antics these three encounter in the make believe kingdom of Far Madding.

\The Brave Companions\

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Cardboard Shield

I’m really digging cardboard these days! It’s inexpensive, easy to cut and paint. Sir Ian and I made this shield a couple of days ago. Can you tell which side Mommy painted and which side Ian did? It isn’t perfect. But we had a great time working together. He was so excited when he took it outside yesterday.

Cardboard Shield

Funny…two little boys knocked on our door to see if Ian could come out to play (first time that’s ever happened). Apparently someone told them we have cool toys to play with!! Ian made me bring EVERYTHING outside to show them.


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