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Best How To Train Your Dragon Activities For Kids

Ian is a huge fan of this movie. He made me take him too see it twice. So you can imagine we’re looking up all kinds of activities related to the movie. Check out this brief list of cool, Ian approved sites for kids:

1.) HP Creative Studio For Home has really cool free activities for kids. Take a look at the portrait Ian and I made this morning:

They have crafts like door hangers, stickers and bookmarks. As well as coloring pages.

2.) Oh! Here’s another great site for free coloring sheets and activities on Squidoo. It also has coloring sheets, crafts and stickers like the one below.



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Silly Dragons

Seems we don’t have enough silly dragons on the site. Sir Ian and I will try to post a series of cute little buggies for you guys to enjoy. Here’s the first:

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Dragon Coloring Pic 11-26-2009

Finally got a little drawing done after Thanksgiving dinner today. Enjoy!

Cool, huh? You can find more dragon pictures here.

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Mommy, where are the boy pixies?

Last week Sir Ian and I stumbled upon Disney’s Pixie Hollow website. It’s a really neat interactive website for kids. The only problem is: there aren’t very many boy characters. In fact, we haven’t found any at all!

So today we’re posting our first attempt at creating a Pixie Boy. Enjoy:


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First Castle for Young Pages

Here’s a castle made with simple shapes for little ones:

Toddler Castle

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First New Picture

Bear with me as I attempt to create original coloring pages especially for young and noble knights. This is my first attempt at drawing dragons. I’ll keep at it until I’m good!!

Dragon2Dragon Head1

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