Easy Summer Craft Ideas for Kids

Another HOT summer day  finds me and the boys home with little to do. This heat wave makes it difficult to get the proper daily exercise. So we’re opting to go out for short spells. Today we’ll venture to the local reservoir in search of smooth river rocks to paint. If you’d like to try this craft with us you’ll meed the following supplies:


Craft Paint

Paint Brushes


*Newspaper, paper plates, old grocery bags, etc. (to protect your work space and art piece)

1. Take a walk in your backyard, neighborhood, local park or beach to find rocks. Look for interesting shapes and textures. I like smooth surfaces.

2. Once you’re back home clean your rocks and allow them to dry completely.

3. Choose a work area that is dry and comfortable. Then protect your work surface with one of the *items listed above.

4. Space the rocks, paints and brushes out so you can work without disturbing your masterpieces.

5. See if you can make insects, frogs, cute garden gnomes, fairy houses or whatever you can think of!

6. Once you’re finished you can display your work in mom’s (or grandma’s) garden or backyard. Or hey! Why not have your own backyard art show and invite family and friends to see it!

Can you name other fun ways you can display your new rock art?

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